Criminal Asset Forfeiture: Helping You Get Your Property Back

  • Has law enforcement seized your assets following a traffic stop?
  • Has the government taken your home, your farm or your business?
  • Was your property taken by the government without any due process?

Asset forfeiture is a huge problem in the United States. The government is relentless in its pursuit of your property believed to have been obtained through illegal activities. Meanwhile, you are left to sort out the mess you are in without your car and without your money.

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The Financial Stakes Are High

Asset forfeiture is especially common in DUI and drug-related cases. Trying to get your seized property back can be extremely costly and frustrating. If the police tow your car, you may have to pay thousands of dollars to get it back. Or you may not get it back at all, due to the unfair and often inconsistent nature of these cases.

If you are charged with a white collar crime, for example, the government may seize millions of dollars from you. They make take your inheritance or other property.

When you are in the heat of an asset forfeiture matter, it may seem as though the government is using you to raise money. Don't let them take advantage of you. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

How I Can Help

As a criminal asset forfeiture defense attorney with more than three decades of experience, I will do whatever I can to get your money back. I will fight for the return of your assets by exploring all legal options. These cases are complex and hard-fought, but I will do whatever I can to get results for you.

Contact Me As Soon As Possible

Asset seizure can happen before you are convicted of a crime. Asset seizure can happen without due process of law. In a system that seems wholly unfair, it is important to have a strong legal advocate by your side.

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